There’s Always Something New to Learn on the Water

It’s a new dawn, a new day and a new year…I hope you all enjoyed Christmas and New Year with family and friends and will come back and join us on the water again soon.

Learn something new on a Sea Jays RYA Course We entered the RTI race as a School for the first time last summer and came mid table in our class. An achievement I am very proud of for all of us as it gives us a goal to improve upon this year. I had a teacher at school who didn’t believe in giving out grade A in a report card- the reason being that as a student you would have nothing to aim for. Personally, not a philosophy I believe in. I am all about Positive Reinforcement to encourage each and every one of us to reach out and achieve our own personal goals, no matter what they are. For some it will be the thrill of receiving their Competent Crew certificate at the end of a hard week of ever being on the water, for others it will be the first time they successfully plot a course to steer and for others still it will be the utter exhilaration they will feel when the Examiner, after a really tough Yachtmaster Offshore prep week and exam, says those four little words. Congratulations, you have passed.

On the water there is always something new to be learnt no matter how experienced you may be. Carl B-B has over 100,000 Nautical Miles under his belt but says that every time he steps on board with a new set of students to teach he knows that he will have learnt something new at the end of his time with them. I hope that when you step ashore after being on board with us that you too will have learnt something new and not just the skill set to become a Day Skipper , or whatever course you may be on , but a desire to carry on sailing, building on your confidence and love of the sea. Love of the sea takes on many different guises and not all have a passion for sailing with sails. Some are more drawn to the speed and skills of Power. We had a couple join us in the summer for a competent crew course which they both thoroughly enjoyed but chatting to the husband at the end of the week and watching him eye up the Power Boat Level 2 course taking place alongside it was so obvious where his interests lay. 6 months later and post PB2 course with follow up refresher days they have just bought their first RIB and plan to spend as much time as possible being out on the Solent. Sail or Power? Where lies your passion?