Richard Knocker, Director, No Doubt Ltd

A very quick note to say thank you very much to you and the team for a really enjoyable and informative week’s sailing. I have sailed yachts on and off for most of my life including a transatlantic race of over 3500 miles, a couple of tall ships races and numerous other adventures abroad and in the UK but I still found the tuition and practical training on the Day Skippers Course at Seajays Sailing school both enjoyable and incredibly useful and informative.

The training provided me with numerous opportunities to re-learn things I had forgotten but it also enabled me to learn and practice many new techniques too. You are clearly never too old to learn new tricks! Keep it up and thanks to all the instructors and examiners involved in the week.

p.s. Well done arranging to have the Solent to ourselves most of the week… I am still not sure that it didn’t have something to do with the prevailing SW force 7 or 8 all week.