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The Competent Crew Course and Introduction to Sail are ideal courses for complete beginners. For budding yacht skippers the RYA Day Skipper Course entitles you to the ‘International Certificate of Competence’ (ICC) which is the minimum requirement of most charter companies.

RYA Sailing Courses

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Having passed your Day Skipper Course come and charter one of our yachts for a weekend or week and enjoy the exhilaration and freedom of life on board. Those wanting to skipper professionally or improve skills can do the RYA Coastal Skipper and Yachtmaster assessment courses.

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Our RYA Powerboat Level 2 course provides all the skills and knowledge you need to drive a Powerboat up to 10 metres in length. Successful course completion also entitles you to an International Certificate of Competence to charter a boat abroad and skipper your own.

RYA Sailing Courses

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Join us for 5 days of adventure and mile building

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Lunch on board is included. Only £95 per head! Group discounts available.

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There’s nothing like sailing to make a team bond and work well together.

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There was a newscaster reporting on a war. He was not allowed to say much but what he could say was that he counted the planes flying off the aircraft carrier and he counted them all back in. His way of telling us that all were present and accounted for. Our girls were lifted for the annual bottom scrub and complete check over on Monday. Imagine my shock at the sight in front of me when Breezie was lifted. She had not only a spring line wrapped around the prop shaft but a fender line as well. It’s not hard.. we only have 6 fenders and a couple of spring lines so how difficult is it to account for these ? Fortunately there was no lasting damage to Breezie but it could have been incredibly serious. As sailors we must all take responsibility for all equipment on board and make sure that it is accounted for and stored appropriately to save from any disasters. Rant over. Just had to get that off my chest.

Both girls have been painted this weekend and are sporting a new coat of navy anti foul. I painted the keels and rudders... I think there is more paint on me than on the girls! It’s that time of year! A few more tweaks to be made before they the girls return to the water at the end of this week. Thank goodness for the unseasonable weather!


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Lucky not to bend the “P-bracket”. Never in the field of rope vs prop conflict have I seen so little damage by so much rope.

Beware.. Did a YM prep course with this school in August 2017, the instructor was somewhat cavalier, the boat was a wreck and the management unconcerned. Altogether a disastrous few days. I emailed Fiona, the owner, expressing my dissatisfaction but got no response. Since then I went to a more professional school and although somewhat lighter in the pocket, I am now a qualified YM offshore. You live and learn :-)

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